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In an historical period of growing globalization and in which the prestige of the United Nations, as well as the efficiency of its actions, result rather weakened, the urgency shows itself for the voice of all people to be heard more directly on general issues of interest.
To recur to a parliament in which persons who enjoy the trust of the citizens of the world can express themselves, could result useful to set up an ethic reference, a spur and  a warning to activities carried out by governments, if only to spread among all the populations the trust in democratic values. In fact, so as to be able to participate in the project it would be necessary to organize the elections, this circumstance would mean the possibility to make various governments face the historical responsibility of an eventual resignation while the memberships of governments not accustomed to consult its own citizens could open up new frontiers able to advance their political institutions towards more democratic solutions, so as to protect fundamental rights of every citizen in every state and to favour the sharing of some fundamental values among the member populations who have joined the project.